Garage Door Problems You Might Encounter in Winter

Garage Door Problems You Might Encounter in Winter

Find out about the garage door problems you might experience during the winter season.

Your garage can be quite useful, especially during winter. It keeps vehicles out of the winter cold so that they don’t take any unnecessary weather-related damage. Part of what makes your garage helpful is the protection you get from the garage door. Unfortunately, winter can cause some issues for this door, which we’ll be covering today. Find out about the garage door problems you might experience during the winter season.

Your Garage Door Gets Stuck

When you encounter this issue, it’s probably because your garage door doesn’t have enough lubrication. By applying a lubricant to your garage door, you can correct this mistake. It’s advised that you wear gloves to avoid cutting yourself during this process. You can also put cardboard or newspaper on the ground to make the cleanup process much easier.

Your Springs Get Worn Down or Broken

One of the other garage door problems you might face is damaged springs. The springs of your garage door are meant to provide counterweight for your door. This way, the garage door doesn’t seem to be as heavy. Fixing these springs is highly dangerous for the average person to attempt, and as such, we strongly would like that you hire a garage door repair company to help you with any problems your springs may have.

Contracting Metal

Since the winter weather gets incredibly cold, it means that your garage door is prone to metal contracting. Metal will shrink once temperatures reach a low enough point. If your door faces a rapid freeze, the track of your door could bend, at which point, it would need to be repaired.


Ice is one of the main garage door problems you could face, given that winter brings plenty of freezing temperatures. If your garage door has multiple panels, it’s possible for moisture to get stuck between them. Then, once that moisture freezes, your door could get locked up. You can resolve this problem by melting the ice trapped between your door’s panels. Something like a hair dryer should be sufficient for this situation.

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