How to Clean Your Steel Garage Door

How to Clean Your Steel Garage Door

Here is advice from First Choice Garage Doors regarding how to clean your steel garage door.

Do you have a steel garage door installed at home? These doors are built to last, given the durable nature of steel. Even so, that doesn’t mean they don’t require maintenance every now and then. In order to properly care for your door, one task you’ll need to complete is cleaning it, but what’s the best way to go about doing this? Here is advice from First Choice Garage Doors regarding how to clean your steel garage door.

Use a Mixture of Mild Detergent and Water

The good news is that cleaning your steel garage door only requires a little bit of mild detergent and some warm water. You’ll want to take roughly one cup of detergent, then combine it with about five gallons of water for an optimal detergent-to-water ratio. Once your mixture is ready, you should apply it by using either a cloth or a sponge. After you’ve washed the entirety of your door, you should rinse it off. A garden hose can be used to accomplish this.

Get a Step Ladder for Hard-to-Reach Areas

Perhaps there are certain parts of your door that are a little tougher to reach than the others. In this situation, a step ladder can be quite helpful. You can use it to get to the highest points on your garage door without difficulty, and you’ll also be able to inspect those areas more easily once cleaning has been finished.

Consider Waxing Your Door

Applying a wax to your steel garage door is a great way to preserve its looks for as long as possible. If you’re going to wax your door, you should wait until it has dried completely. Then, once your door is dry, you want to apply your wax from top to bottom, starting from one side of your door, then working your way to the other. For the greatest effect, you should wax your steel garage door at least two times each year.

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