Garage Door Safety Tips for Pet Owners

Garage Door Safety Tips for Pet Owners

Today, we’ll teach you garage door safety tips for pets you can use.

Pet owners will do whatever is needed so that their pets can remain safe. While possibly not the first danger that comes to mind when thinking about what puts pets at risk, garage doors can be a serious hazard to pets if you’re not careful. Garage doors are incredibly heavy, and the last thing you want is to have such a heavy door fall onto your pet and get them injured. Today, we’ll teach you garage door safety tips for pets you can use.

Keep the Garage Door Completely Shut When Not in Use

You’re not always going to be watching over your garage door, but when you’re not, make sure it’s closed entirely so that your pets can’t get out of your garage. It’s also good to get into this habit to keep your garage more insulated, especially when it gets very cold or hot outside.

Keep Your Garage Door Well-Maintained

This is a part of garage door safety that’s useful to more than just pet owners. By undergoing inspections on your garage door, and performing maintenance tasks as needed, you can identify whenever repairs are needed for your door. This way, problems with your garage door aren’t able to escalate, and there will be a much lower chance of your door malfunctioning.

Stay Away From Your Door When Playing With Your Pet

Maybe you have a dog, and they like to play catch and fetch with you. While these games are fun to play with your pet, they should not be played in the vicinity of your garage door. Part of garage door safety includes understanding that the door is not for playtime. If you involve your garage door in playtime activities, your pet will be conditioned into believing the door is not a danger, and they may run towards the door without any hesitation.

Keep Wires and Cables Out of Reach

Some pets love to chew on whatever they can find, but some things are not safe for chewing, such as the cables and wires of your garage door. That’s why these cables and wires should be in a place that can’t be accessed by your pets. This way, they won’t accidentally harm themselves by chewing on something they shouldn’t chew.

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