Benefits and Drawbacks of a Vinyl Garage Door

Benefits and Drawbacks of a Vinyl Garage Door

Find out about the bad and good of a vinyl garage door.

Have you been thinking about getting a garage door for your home? Perhaps you have an old one that isn’t holding up so well anymore, and you’re thinking about getting a new one. If this is the case for you, then you might be pondering what material to use for your new door. One of the material choices you have is vinyl, and there are pros and cons with choosing this as your garage door material. Find out about the bad and good of a vinyl garage door.

Pro: Low- Maintenance

A big perk with a vinyl garage door is that it doesn’t have many maintenance requirements. It’s a highly durable material that you don’t need to paint very often. Vinyl also has anti-rusting aspects to it that help your garage door’s longevity, which is important if you live in a setting that gets a lot of water exposure.

Con: Limited Insulation

Vinyl garage doors are built with budget in mind, but this means that the insulating properties of these doors take a hit. As a result, the temperature in your garage can fluctuate unless you get additional insulation. The good news is that you can add insulation to these doors separately, so you can still get the joys of both worlds with regards to price and comfort.

Pro: Affordability

Getting a good price on anything you buy will be appealing, and when you get a vinyl garage door, you can usually get it for an ideal cost. This makes vinyl doors perfect for anyone who wants a solid door with good aesthetics without putting too big a dent in their wallet.

Con: Difficulty Changing the Design

It’s not easy to swap either the design or the color of a vinyl garage door. This means it might not be the type of door for you if you like to change the look of your door every now and then.

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