Knowing When Your Garage Door Has Come Off Track

Knowing When Your Garage Door Has Come Off Track

These are some signs that will tell you that your garage door has gone off track.

Isn’t it bothersome when you get home after a tough work day only to find that you’re having trouble getting your garage door to open? Jams are, unfortunately, something that you’ll have to be ready to face from time to time, and garage doors do have the possibility to come off the track on occasion.

Knowing the signs that your garage door is off track is great because you can stop problems from growing and becoming more troublesome to handle. These are some signs that will tell you that your garage door has gone off track.

The Track is Warped

Tracks are prone to warping over time. This is especially true for doors that didn’t get installed properly. Sometimes, tracks will warp when the garage door is not balanced the right way or if you don’t have rollers in good condition.

If you notice that your tracks don’t appear to be parallel to one another anymore, that means it’s time to either have them repaired or get them replaced. Otherwise, your garage door can completely fail you.

Your Track Hardware Has Begun to Detach

The garage door track you have is supposed to be applied to some structural lumber that is found either on your garage’s walls or ceiling. Once the hardware starts failing, the tracks will begin to detach and cause problems.

Keep an eye on what connection your garage door tracks and track hardware have with your house. Do you notice hardware that is starting to pull away from its original attachment location? Are there screws that are starting to loosen? If it looks like your hardware is nearing failure, it will need to be addressed with professional assistance.

Your Garage Door is Jamming

There is a vast range of explanations for why a garage door might jam. Perhaps it’s a failed operator. Maybe your tracks aren’t aligned, causing your rollers to become stuck. There might also be an obstruction in your garage door’s path.

No matter what the cause may be, jams should be taken seriously because your door might go off the track if you make an attempt to move it. Turn your door operator off and get professional help dealing with the problem if you notice it happening.

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