Picking the Best Garage Door Opener for Your Home

Picking the Best Garage Door Opener for Your Home

You should consider these factors whenever you’re choosing your garage door opener.

There is as much variation with garage door openers as the garage doors themselves. With such variety available, you should put some thought into what you want in your garage door opener. You should consider these factors whenever you’re choosing your garage door opener.

How Much Strain Will Your Opener Have to Handle?

People use their garage door opener for different amounts of time. Consider how many times you’ll use your garage door opener each day. Also, think about the weight of your door and what elements outside your door will have to endure. There are light and heavy-duty openers available. Light duty openers are better if you don’t use your garage door often or if your door is light. If your door is heavier or if you use your door many times every day, it’s worth going the extra mile and investing in a heavy-duty garage door opener.

What Features Do You Want?

Each garage door opener comes with its own array of features. Consider which features you need your opener to have. Do you want your opener to have a light? Should it have a remote? Do you want a fast or slower-moving opener? You’ll need to imagine how you will use your garage door opener in the future so you can decide on which features you’ll want.

Do You Have Any Existing Systems in Place?

The last thing you should be thinking about is any openers and remotes that you already have installed in your garage. If you have a system in place that is already tailored for the needs of your garage and your doors, then you want a garage door opener that has similar traits to whatever system you already have. Going with an opener that is similar to a previous model means any remotes and doors you already have in place have a higher chance of being compatible.


While you want to be sure you get a high-quality garage door opener, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t consider whatever budget you have in place. Garage door openers come with many features that each come at their own cost. We’re not telling you to avoid additional features for your opener. We only suggest that you carefully consider which ones you get, and make sure they’ll be worth the investment.


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