Selecting a Garage Door Material for the Weather

Selecting a Garage Door Material for the Weather

Let’s look at different garage door material options to determine which is best to combat adverse weather conditions.

If you’re installing a new garage door for your property, there are many things to keep in mind. You want a garage door that matches the aesthetic of your home, and it needs to be the right size for your needs. Something else you’ll have to consider is the weather conditions that come your way because your door has to be ready for the elements. This means the door needs to be made from material that’s durable enough to stand up to the weather. Let’s look at different garage door material options to determine which is best to combat adverse weather conditions.

Wooden Garage Doors

Wooden garage doors are known for the traditional aesthetic they bring to people’s homes. They can be a beautiful addition to anyone’s property, but when it comes to weather resistance, you’ll need to perform some preventative maintenance to give your door the durability it needs.

Wooden doors need to be stained or painted to provide them with that extra layer of protection that helps them hold up against the weather. Even so, wood is not the preferred material to use if you live in a humid area because the moisture in the air can be absorbed by the wood, making your door susceptible to mold and rot.

Steel Garage Doors

Steel is a highly popular garage door material because it’s not only strong, but also a budget-friendly option. Regarding its weather resistance, steel holds up fairly well. It has a resistance to corrosion and rust that helps with its longevity, but you will have to keep your door insulated and repaint it every couple of years. As long as you do that, a steel garage door can stand up to most weather conditions you’ll encounter.

Vinyl Garage Doors

Another garage door material you could try is vinyl. Vinyl is known for having minimal maintenance requirements, making vinyl doors rather convenient to have on your property. These doors hold up well against weather in general. With that said, they can get a little brittle during the colder months of winter, and they are a little vulnerable to warping when temperatures get hotter. They have resistance against denting, which is a plus, but you also can’t paint these doors, meaning you’ll want to be sure you pick the right style when you install your door. Otherwise, you’ll have to get the door replaced if you want to change its look.

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