Should I Install a Steel or Aluminum Garage Door?

Should I Install a Steel or Aluminum Garage Door?

We’ll compare the two types of doors to see if you should get either a steel or an aluminum garage door.

Are you thinking about installing a new garage door? If you are, you might be thinking about what material to use.  Steel and aluminum garage doors are among the most popular choices, especially among metal doors. So which one is better for your house? The answer is that there’s no universal “right” answer. Rather, there are trade-offs for each type, and the type of door that’s best will vary with each house. We’ll compare the two types of doors to see if you should get either a steel or an aluminum garage door.

Choosing a Steel Garage Door

Steel is among the most popular materials people use for garage doors, and will often give you great bang for your buck. They’re incredibly durable, so they are likely to last you for many years, often lasting as long as your house. Since steel garage doors are so popular, you can usually find the size you want fairly easily. On top of that, steel garage doors are highly customizable. This means that you can ensure that your door complements the rest of your home and boosts your overall curb appeal.

Choosing an Aluminum Garage Door

You’ll find that an aluminum garage door shares many traits with a steel garage door. One distinction is that aluminum doors are lighter than their steel counterparts. They also tend to be cheaper than steel doors, meaning that getting an aluminum garage door is a solid option for families who are trying to save money when getting a new door.

Questions to Ask When Choosing Between a Steel or Aluminum Garage Door

  • What budget do I have?: While there may be some slight variance between doors, steel options are often more expensive. However, depending on the quality, aluminum garage doors can come at similar prices.
  • Do I need to worry about rust resistance?: An aluminum garage door will fair better against rust than a steel door. However, you can apply a protective coating to a steel door to get similar amounts of protection.
  • How durable should my garage door be?: Steel is more resistant to denting than aluminum, even if aluminum has some dent resistance. If you’re concerned about strong weather in your area, a steel door might be better suited for you.

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