When You Should Get a New Garage Door Opener

When You Should Get a New Garage Door Opener

Today, we’ll be going over signs that you should think about getting a new garage door opener.

For anyone with a garage, you know how important your garage door opener is. While these openers can last for quite a while, there will come a time when they stop working and you’ll have to get a new one. Sometimes, however, knowing when to retire your old opener can be tough. That’s why, today, we’ll be going over signs that you should think about getting a new garage door opener.

Your Garage Door Doesn’t Close or Open

Since the garage door opener is designed to open and close your door, a clear indicator that you need a new one is when your current opener isn’t getting the door to open and close. There are a couple of reasons you could be experiencing this issue. For example, the remote control for your opener might need new batteries, or there might not be a connection between your opener and the garage door.

Your Garage Door Opens Without You Inputting Commands

Sometimes, your garage door doesn’t open or close, even when you’re actively trying to open or close it. Other times, you might not want your door to open or close, but it does so anyway. This is a serious safety and security problem, and it should be met with professional assistance. In many situations, it’s a wiring problem, and professional experience is needed to correct the issue.

The Opener Vibrates While In Use

Your opener and chain drive, once enough time has passed, will typically begin to vibrate. This is natural, as it comes with the age of your opener. Even though it’s natural for this to occur, that doesn’t mean it’s a good thing to have happen. The vibrations will eventually make your opener shift out of position, which can cause damage to other parts of your garage door. In order to safely make the needed repairs, you’ll want a garage door repair company helping you out.

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