Garage Door Safety Tips to Teach Your Kids

Garage Door Safety Tips to Teach Your Kids

Here are garage door safety tips to teach your kids.

Safety should always be considered, particularly when it comes to features around our home where we spend so much of our time. That’s applicable to your garage door as well, where you’ll likely use it daily. Imparting those lessons of safety to children is also key, as you want them to understand the basic do’s and don’ts of using your garage door. Here’s what they should know, and what you can teach them, about safely using a garage door.

Garage Doors 101

Start with the basics—explain each part of the garage door and how it works. Make sure you cover basic functions as well as what different components do such as the opener, remote, track, hinges, and more. A child learning about these things will contribute to a better understanding of how the garage door works as a whole, which makes every other step of the education much easier.

Avoid Moving Doors

Children can tend to see any moving object as a fun obstacle that they can dodge and weave around. However, it’s important that your children know that they should avoid the door whenever it is in motion. Keeping a safe distance from it is important in case anything were to malfunction.

No Climbing/Hanging

Many parts of a garage might seem like a fun spot to climb up or hang on, but the truth is, it can be a dangerous environment. Garage doors in particular have reinforcement struts that are appealing as climbing spots because they look sort of like ladders. However, children should be taught not to hang or climb from any fixtures in your garage.

Don’t Play With the Controls

Keep your garage door remote out of the hands of kids, and if they do ever interact with it, make sure they’re aware that it’s a serious tool that shouldn’t be taken lightly. Children will start pushing buttons the moment they get their hands on anything with buttons to push, especially if it causes things to move. However, you want to remind them that it’s serious machinery—the kind that can hurt people if not taken seriously—and only let adults use it. If a child does use your garage door remote, make sure it is under adult supervision with all of those reminders in mind.

Don’t Share Access

Whether you have a garage door access code or use a remote, you want to make sure your child understands that those should only be accessible by members of your family. You don’t want them giving out an access code to their friends because, even if harmless, it could lead to unwanted visitors in the end. Remind them that it’s a safety risk and that only people within the family should be able to access your garage at the end of the day.

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