Carriage Style Garage Doors for Different Architectural Styles

Carriage Style Garage Doors for Different Architectural Styles

Carriage garage doors are very popular and getting more so by the day.

Your garage doors are an important part of the curb appeal of your home. If your home is beautiful, but your garage doors are falling apart, the whole look will be ruined. It also creates an unaesthetic impression when the garage doors don’t match the style of the home. Carriage garage doors, for instance, are very popular and getting more so by the day. They’re beautiful, but if they don’t match your home’s style, they simply aren’t a good fit. Read on for more info!

What Are Carriage Doors?

Carriage doors originated on barns where people would store their carriages, and they usually opened in the middle and swung out wide. Today, carriage-style garage doors typically roll up (you can get custom ones that swing or slide out, however), but they still feature the beautiful look of traditional carriage doors. This includes intricate woodwork or details, cross-planking, ornate hardware like large handles, and windows across the top. Carriage-style garage doors can be made of almost any material. Wood is traditional, but it may not suit your weather and environment through the changing seasons, in which case, they also come in metal, vinyl, fiberglass, and other materials.

What Home Styles Match With Carriage Doors?

Some homes can handle a carriage-style garage door, and others a perfectly complemented by it. Tudor style, for instance, has varying heights and interesting angles, and a carriage-style garage door fits beautifully. Similarly, they complement both the wood detailing of a craftsman and the iron detailing of a Spanish colonial. Finally, Victorian-style homes pretty much require the intricacy of a carriage-style garage door.

What Home Styles Sometimes Match With Carriage Doors?

There are some styles of homes that sometimes work and sometimes don’t, specifically ranchers and American colonials. If you’re using sleek, hard landscaping around your rancher, the carriage door will be out of place. It will more likely fit in if you’re decorating with window boxes, wood detailing, and shutters, however. With an American colonial, a detached garage can often make a carriage door work, while one that is front-and-center on the house will not.

What Home Styles Don’t Match With Carriage Doors?

As described above, some home styles are truly suited to the carriage-style garage door, while others are not at all. Mid-century modern is simply a home from a different time period, and it doesn’t look good to mix them up. Contemporary style prizes the simple and sleek – the fussiness of carriage doors does not fit. In both of these cases, a simple, plain wood or steel door is a better option.

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