Choosing Between Garage Door Repair Or Replacement

Choosing Between Garage Door Repair Or Replacement

Here are some guidelines to think about when debating between garage door repair or replacement.

Anytime something goes wrong with your garage door; you’re presented with an important question: repair it, or replace it? Depending on how big the problem is, your decision could change. But how severe does a problem have to be? How do I know which decision to make? Here are some guidelines to think about when debating between garage door repair or replacement.

Level Of Cosmetic Damage

If the problem has minor damage that can be remedied with some paint or a quick replacing of a panel, garage door repair will be the better choice. You’ll want to consider that sometimes there will be hidden structural damage to the tracks. If you aren’t certain, call a professional.

On the other hand, if there is massive damage or rusting because of aging and the elements, you’re probably better off replacing the entire door. This is especially true if the damage is across the entire door instead of simply among one or two panels.

How Does The Door Function?

If your door doesn’t go up and down as quickly, shudders when it opens or closes, or makes a lot of sound but still opens and closes as it should, then you should get a garage door repair.

But if the door doesn’t work at all, garage door repair might not be the best option for you. If your door doesn’t open or close to any capacity or is stuck halfway, you could try to get a garage door repair. But such severe symptoms could suggest there is a bigger problem with your garage door, one that could be as expensive to repair as it would be to get a new door. At that point, you’re better off simply replacing your old door with a new one.

Age Of The Door

If your door is under five years old, you want to try going with a garage door repair. You want to get more from your door before you need to replace it. This is especially true if you have a high-quality door. Along with that, many high-quality door companies will offer a warranty that covers you under certain circumstances.

If you have a door that’s at least ten years old, you can expect to have problems come up regularly. When problems do start to arise, it may be time to start fresh and get a new garage door.

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