Signs You’ve Had a Bad Garage Door Installation

Signs You’ve Had a Bad Garage Door Installation

We’re here to show you signs that you got a bad garage door installation.

Garages aren’t always given recognition for the role they serve for your home. Nevertheless, they are an important asset to your house. One part of the garage is the door and, when installed properly, this door offers plenty of benefits, like extra security, privacy, and insulation for your garage. Sometimes, however, these installations don’t go as planned. We’re here to show you signs that you got a bad garage door installation.

Your Garage Door is Noisy

When a garage door is installed properly, you can expect the door to be silent for the most part. Any time that noise is made, the process should be fairly smooth. What you shouldn’t hear is unpleasant sounds such as screeching because this implies that your garage door installation did not go as planned.

The Door is Slow to Respond

When you use a remote control to operate your garage door, the door should respond fairly quickly to the inputs of your remote. If the door is slow to respond, there are a few potential problems. The remote could need replacement batteries or, in a worse situation, the remote could be malfunctioning entirely.

The Door is Not Properly Aligned

A bad garage door installation can be spotted when the door is not properly aligned. Fortunately, you can determine if this is the case by simply taking a step back and observing your door. If the door looks uneven, it means that there were mistakes during the installation. You’ll have to get a garage door company to help you realign the door if this happens.

The Garage Door Springs are Broken

The garage door springs are a vital component of the door. When they break, your door becomes incredibly dangerous. The springs are meant to make it easier to lift your door, as they keep you from needing to hold most of the weight. Therefore, when you see that a spring is broken, you should seek out professional help to get your springs either fixed or replaced.

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