Commercial Garage Door Maintenance Tips

Commercial Garage Door Maintenance Tips

If you follow these commercial garage door maintenance tips, you can help increase your door’s lifespan and performance.

A commercial garage door is necessary for preserving the safety of materials you have in your warehouse while also making it easier to move around your products. When you have a functional garage door, it becomes easier to access everything you need to run your business smoothly. But in order for your door to improve your business’s functionality, you need to take care of it. The way you care for your commercial garage door determines how long it lasts and how well it performs. If you follow these commercial garage door maintenance tips, you can help increase your door’s lifespan and performance.

Keep an Eye Out for Rust

While a commercial garage door can last for several years, that’s only if you perform proper maintenance on it. Without maintenance checks, your door will start to rust, which will hinder its performance and lower its lifespan. If you have a steel garage door, check to see if there is any rust. Contacting a garage repair professional is usually the best course of action because they will have the right tools to clean off the rust, and they are more likely to find problems with your door that you may miss.

Check The Insulation

If you’re concerned about energy efficiency around your business, insulation should be an important area of focus. Without proper insulation, you’ll have to spend more money keeping your building at the temperature you want. That’s why, if you already have insulation on your door, you should check to see if it’s getting worn down. If you don’t have insulation on your door yet, upgrading your commercial garage door with insulation could be ideal for your business. Insulated doors are made differently from other garage doors. They are multi-layered, which helps you retain more heat in the interior of your garage, which can lower your heating bill and help you save money.

Check Weather Seals

Weather can play a heavy role in the duration of your commercial garage door. That’s why you have to monitor your weather seals. If you see water leaking underneath your door, you need to replace your seals immediately. This will help your door be more water-resistant, which in turn will keep the interior of your door from taking on any water damage.

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