Garage Door Maintenance Suggestions to Follow This Fall

Garage Door Maintenance Suggestions to Follow This Fall

Keep reading to see what garage door maintenance tasks you should complete during autumn.

Autumn is here, and with it, we tend to get some pretty windy and damp weather conditions. With these inclement weather conditions, it’s possible you’ll need to keep watch on some parts of your yard to make sure they don’t get damaged. One such area would be your garage door. After enduring the intense heat of summer, it’s possible your garage door isn’t in optimal condition, and with a little rain and wind from the fall season, it will be easier to tell what problems your door may be facing. Fortunately, there are maintenance procedures you can follow to keep your garage door protected through the fall season. Keep reading to see what garage door maintenance tasks you should complete during autumn.

Get Weatherstripping Cleaned/Replaced

Autumn is at the tail end of the calendar year, meaning your garage door has likely had to endure plenty of rough weather conditions already. Your weatherstripping, in particular, has needed to protect your garage from many of these weather conditions, and it’s likely that your weatherstripping could need some sprucing up, or possibly be in need of replacing.

To determine if fixing or replacing is most appropriate, inspect your weatherstripping and see how much damage it has. If there is just minor damage, such as discoloration, you can fix it up and give it a little cleaning to make it like new again. More severe damage will require you to get entirely new weatherstripping if you’re going to have the most protection possible for your garage door.

Inspect the Components of Your Garage Door

Another part of garage door maintenance is to inspect the door’s various components and see if anything has been damaged. When you perform inspections yourself, you can detect problems early in their development, before they have a chance to get out of hand. This way, it will take less time, and less money, to make any necessary fixes.

Lubricate Your Garage Door Components

There are plenty of moving pieces that make up a garage door, and some of these pieces aren’t out in the open for everyone to see. Part of garage door maintenance involves taking care of the cables, springs, tracking system, and other pieces that you might not notice from the outside of the door.

One problem these pieces can face is that they might have a tough time moving, which is often a result of insufficient lubrication. Therefore, you’ll want to be sure that the different components of your garage door have enough lubrication to keep them moving smoothly.

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