Garage Door Maintenance Tips for Summer

Garage Door Maintenance Tips for Summer

Keep reading for garage door maintenance tips that will help you during summer.

There are many homeowners who get use out of their garages regularly. In order to maintain your garage’s looks and functionality, one thing you’ll need to do is take care of the door. How you take care of your garage door will depend on the time of year, but today, we’ll be talking about how to care for your door for the remainder of the summer season. Keep reading for garage door maintenance tips that will help you during summer.

Wash and Wax Your Garage Door to Keep the Finish Preserved

Take some time to wash your garage door and give it some wax. These will help keep the finish preserved while maintaining the appearance your door has. A garden hose can be used in conjunction with some mild detergent to get rid of whatever debris and dirt your door’s surface has accumulated.

When considering what to use as a finish, you can go with spray-on car wax. While it’s mainly meant for cars, it will do just fine on your garage door as well. This should be done at least one time every year, but possibly more often if you live in a coastal area.

Lubricate Your Door’s Components to Keep Your Door Silent

A garage door is made of many components, some of which are made of metal. These metal components can expand and contract as temperatures fluctuate, which will then cause your door to be more noisy. That’s why part of summer garage door maintenance should include keeping these components lubricated with a synthetic lubricant. This way, the components of your door will be more silent when your door is being operated.

What to Do When You Lose Power

Summer storms can happen, and if they do, your garage door could lose power, so what do you do in this situation? There are two options you could try. First, if there is a back-up opener for your door that’s operated via battery, you could use that to get your vehicle out of your garage in a pinch. The other option is to open your door manually, which should be possible via a red handle that you can pull to lift the door open yourself.

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