Garage Door Painting Errors to Avoid

Garage Door Painting Errors to Avoid

Here’s what you should avoid doing while you’re getting garage door painting done.

Summer is now upon us. This is the time of year when we might plan big road trips with family, or have pool parties with our friends. A summer activity that might be less enjoyable, however, is getting your garage door painted. Nevertheless, painting your garage door is an important task because paint provides your garage door with extra protection, while also improving its curb appeal. Now, while garage door painting sounds like it could be a simple task, there are actually a few ways to make mistakes during this process. Here’s what you should avoid doing while you’re getting garage door painting done.

Selecting the Wrong Paint

There are many types of paint you could get, but not all types of paint will be suitable for your garage door. You have to think about what material you’re using for your garage door before deciding on paint because some paints are designed for certain surfaces. Some paints are built to be used on wood, while others are to be used on vinyl or metal. If you’re hesitant about which paint type to get, you can consult a garage door company for recommendations, which helps you avoid the misfortune of getting painting done with the wrong kind of paint.

Doing Garage Door Painting Before Prepping the Surface

Another error that can happen during garage door painting is getting painting done before you get the surface prepared. It’s important to get the surface of your door ready before you begin painting. You need your door to be properly sanded, cleaned, and otherwise repaired so that the surface is smooth and ready for paint.

Not Adding Primer

While primer may sometimes be overlooked during painting, that doesn’t mean it’s not important. There are many reasons you need to add primer to the surface of your garage door. It helps paint adhere to the door’s surface more easily, hides imperfections, and raises your door’s durability since prier shields your door against factors such as cracking, fading, and moisture damage.

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