Reasons Why Garage Doors Get Rusty

Reasons Why Garage Doors Get Rusty

Read on to learn why garage doors may experience rusting.

Garage doors can experience problems from time to time, and one of the more common problems is rusting. If you don’t address rusting issues, it can result in your garage door losing its structural integrity, sometimes even forming holes in the surface of the door. So, why does rusting occur? Read on to learn why garage doors may experience rusting.

Location Can Affect Air Quality

Depending on where you live, there could be factors that compromise your garage door and put it at greater risk of rusting. If your home is located in a coastal area, that means there’s more salt in the air. It’s this salt that really eats away at your garage door.

Garage doors that are near industrial zones also have a higher likelihood of experiencing rusting. This is due to the strong and harmful chemicals that are around them.

Your Garage Door is Not Maintained Properly

Many parts of your home require maintenance, and the same goes for any garage doors you have. If a garage door ever gets scratched or punctured in some way, oxygen could start reacting to the metal, which results in rusting. That’s why it’s important to deal with garage door problems as they come up.

You could even experience rusting just by using the wrong type of paint when painting your garage door. Not all paints have resistance against corrosion, so if you choose the wrong paint, rusting can still happen.

You Don’t Regularly Clean Your Garage Door

Another part of making sure your doors don’t get rusty involves cleaning them regularly. It’s important to get all of the grime and dirt off of the surface of your door. Otherwise, these contaminants can eat away at your door’s surface and risk corrosion.

You also want to watch out for any grease or oil stains that you see. These can harm your door’s paint coating, so you want to get rid of these stains the moment you see them.

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