How to Get Your Garage Door Decorated for Halloween

How to Get Your Garage Door Decorated for Halloween

Keep reading so you can learn how to transform your garage door into something spooky this Halloween season.

It’s getting closer! That’s right, Halloween is right around the corner, and so many of us are excited to celebrate. Part of that celebration is decorating your home and yard to make it match the occasion, but your garage door could be the perfect canvas for expressing yourself this holiday. You can use decorations as simple as paper, cloth, and tape to create a unique look—so keep reading so you can learn how to transform your garage door into something spooky this Halloween season

Spider Webs

Are you looking to go the easy route? Go get yourself some black tape and construction paper. You can use the tape to create a gnarly-looking spider web across your garage door, sprawling out from one corner to the rest of the door. Then, cut your construction paper into the shape of a spider – or multiple spiders if you’d like!

Monster Mouths

Take an old spare tarp that fits the size of your door and paint it to look like teeth. This works especially well depending on the design of your home; if you have windows flanking the door, they could look like eyes while you use the tarp to serve as a giant monster mouth. Alternatively, you can go the more traditional jack-o-lantern route and have a jolly haunted home!

Witchy Homes

Pick up a large roll of black craft foam from your local arts and crafts store. You can then use this to cut out fun shapes, like witches, cauldrons, and castles. Be sure to add in all those little touches like cats, bats, wrought iron fences, and spooky trees that you’d find in a haunted forest.

You can even add in some spooky backlighting, making that cauldron really look like it’s bubbling, and bringing an almost-professional look to your DIY Halloween designs.

Scary Shadow Art

If you have windows on your door, you can make some spectacular spooky shadow art. Just create cut-outs of whatever shapes you want—pumpkins, hands and feet, ghosts—and tape them to the back of the windows. Then, turn the garage’s light on, allowing the light to cast spooky shadows that are going to be memorable to anyone who sees them this Halloween.

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