Should You Get Garage Door Windows?

Should You Get Garage Door Windows?

Garage door windows offer both benefits and complications. Read on to learn more.

Your garage door is a needed part of the curb appeal of your home. The look and feel of the garage – mostly conveyed through the garage door, let’s be honest – plays a pivotal role in how the whole home looks. While many garage doors are fairly plain, certain home styles benefit from unique accents on the garage door, like carriage-style doors. Another garage door accent you may want to consider is garage door windows. Garage door windows offer both benefits and complications. Read on to learn more.

Natural Light

This first quality is both a pro and a con to garage door windows. Windows allow natural light into your garage, which means it is easier to see in there without having to turn on the lights and use electricity. This can be good for your wallet and for the Earth, but that sunlight streaming in can also damage the fibers and fade anything that you are storing in the garage. In the winter, the sunlight coming in can help your garage feel warmer than it would otherwise.

Aesthetics And Design

Garage doors with windows are beautiful and visually interesting. There are multiple styles of both horizontal and vertical alignments of the windows, as well as other patterns to choose from to complement your home. Having windows in your garage door helps the door blend with the rest of the home (which also has windows), so don’t worry that they will look out of place.

Privacy And Security

Windows anywhere can be a privacy and security concern, and the garage door is no different. People can possibly look through the windows depending on their placement and see what you are storing. They could also potentially break the window to access the lock and gain access to your garage.

Energy Efficiency

A solid garage door will be much more energy-efficient. Windows have low R-value ratings and provide little insulation.  Since they let in sunlight, they allow UV rays into the garage and allow heat transfer to occur in both directions all year. Remember that this means things inside may not be protected against sun fading.


Like with all things, there are going to be varying levels of quality with the garage door windows. For your best results, you’ll likely be happier if you spend a little bit more to make sure you’re getting high-quality windows. Polypropylene frames are one of the most durable materials, and they offer a tight seal with the window. Both glass and imitation glass are usually available, but real glass will be much more scratch-resistant.

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