Making Measurements Before Installing a New Garage Door

Making Measurements Before Installing a New Garage Door

Here is a guide that will let you know how you should get your garage door measured.

Are you about to have a new garage door installed? If so, then you’ll need to be sure you have the right measurements before the installation begins. When you have accurate measurements, picking out a door to install is much easier. But how does one measure a garage door? Here is a guide that will let you know how you should get your garage door measured.

Measure How Wide your Garage Door Is

Your door’s width starts at one side of your finished opening and ends on the other side of it. Go to the widest point of your door and measure the distance with a measuring tape. It’s better to take measurements from multiple spots around the garage, just to be sure you have precise measurements.

You also want to factor in any abnormalities your door has. For example, you might have a side that isn’t level, which could influence what size of garage door seal you need.

Measure How Tall Your Garage Door Is

To measure the height of your door, start from the floor and measure all the way up to your finished opening’s ceiling. It’s best to purchase a door that’s the precise size that you need rather than opting for something smaller that gives room for a seal or door jamb.

Jot down notes if you see any abnormalities in your door’s height, such as a floor that isn’t level. Professionals need to know about all of the things that are odd with your door so that they can adjust accordingly.

Get Your Side Room Measured

The headroom should be measured with a measuring tape. The distance you need to cover begins at the top of your finished opening until you get to the closest obstruction. If your garage comes with ceiling storage, write down how much distance is between the shelf and your opening. For those with no blockages, the headroom will be the opening until you get to your ceiling.

Get Your Backroom Measured

By measuring from your garage’s back wall up to the door, you get the backroom measurement. It’s important to get the measurements for your backroom because it indicates the amount of space your garage door has for opening inside of your garage. If anything is irregular with your walls or ceiling, you should keep note of that.

Garage doors need enough free space to open up entirely. This will be about 1.5 feet of space in addition to your door’s measurement.

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