How You Can Get Your Garage Door Painted and Refinished

How You Can Get Your Garage Door Painted and Refinished

These are some tips we have for getting your garage door painted and refinished.

A garage door can be one of the primary focal points for your property. Having a well-kept garage door does wonders for making your home more inviting and pleasing to the eye. To revitalize your garage door, painting and refinishing it can be a great idea. These are some tips we have for getting your garage door painted and refinished.

Keep Track of the Weather

It’s a fairly simple process getting your garage door painted, but it does take time. Therefore, it’s important to monitor the weather to be sure the temperature won’t get too hot or cold while painting occurs. You should give yourself a minimum of three days to get painting done. If you aren’t sure of what temperatures you want, try to get temperatures in the ballpark of 50-85 degrees Fahrenheit. Also, try to account for rain and humidity as they can affect your painting project as well. Ideally, you want three days of good temperatures, low rain, and low humidity.

Think About Having Your Garage Door Power Washed

Before you get any painting done, you should get the surface prepped, and power washing is a great way to do that. You’ll want protective masks, goggles, and rubber gloves while carrying out this task.

You might want to use sandpaper and a wire brush to get rid of pesky grime and dirt on your door, depending on the material from which your door is made. If there is soil along your door’s exterior, some soap and water can take care of it with the help of a sponge. After that, rinse your garage door by using a hose and allow your door to dry entirely before you start painting.

We Advise Using Painter’s Tape

Painter’s tape is great for protecting spots on which you don’t want to be painted. By using painter’s tape, you won’t have to worry about dripping paint on siding, handles, trims, or anything else that isn’t supposed to be painted.

Deactivate Your Automatic Openers

If you switch your garage door settings so that it opens manually, your back will thank you because you won’t be straining it nearly as much. Keep opening and closing your assembly as you see fit so that you can get your stiles and inner panels closer to your eye level. By doing this, you’ll have a much easier time spotting places you missed.

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