Some of the More Common Garage Door Materials

Some of the More Common Garage Door Materials

Here are some garage door materials you could consider using.

The appearance your garage door has may not seem too important when compared to other parts of your home, but garage doors are some of the first things people encounter when they make their way up to your house. That means you’ll need the right material for your door if you want to make a statement. Here are some garage door materials you could consider using.

Wood Composite

Wood composite is a material that’s created from recycled wood fibers. What’s great about doors made from this material is that they can be made to complement the style your home has. They can be painted and stained with ease to match the look you want for your house. All the while, they still have sturdiness to them, similar to the strength of steel.

This way, you get the looks you want without sacrificing functionality. As a bonus, wood composite doors don’t suffer the same vulnerability to rotting that traditional wooden doors have.


Fiberglass isn’t quite as common as other garage door materials, certainly less common than aluminum, wood, and steel, which are all considered standard materials. With that said, there is still plenty of merit to choosing fiberglass. You can get your panels in whatever color you want, which helps promote whatever kind of aesthetic you’re hoping to get. Fiberglass doors also aren’t as susceptible to denting.

One drawback you should keep in mind is that fiberglass garage doors can fade when they’ve had enough exposure to the weather. This means your garage door will likely have its aesthetic appeal compromised during storms.


Steel is one of the most popular, if not the most popular, garage door materials at the moment. Steel doors can be purchased for a reasonable price, making them suitable even when you’re on a budget. In addition, they are durable and don’t require much in terms of maintenance.

If you’re going to pick a steel garage door, think about getting it insulated so that you retain more heat and lower how much noise gets inside. Also, if you’re worried about your door being dented, you should get a door with more thickness so that you won’t be as vulnerable to impact damage.

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