Making Sure Your Garage Door is Prepared for Fall

Making Sure Your Garage Door is Prepared for Fall

Today, we’ll go over how to get your garage door ready for fall.

With the fall season around the corner, we will soon see a drop in temperatures, meaning the weather will go from intense heat to something more moderate and comfortable. Something that might not be on your mind at this time is how the new season can impact your home’s garage door. It’s important for this door to be ready for the new season because garage doors are commonly-used components of our homes, and we don’t want to see them break down when they’re needed most. Today, we’ll go over how to get your garage door ready for fall.

Test Your Door

Not every homeowner is going to keep a close eye on their garage door every day to monitor how well it functions. Nonetheless, it’s still important to check on your door occasionally because it allows you to notice signs of damage before they can escalate and become greater issues in the future. Take a second to test your door by opening and closing it. If it doesn’t open and close smoothly, or you hear odd sounds, you’ll likely need to get it repaired.

Get Your Photo Eyes Inspected and Cleaned

You should test your photo eyes monthly to be sure that your door is able to close properly. When your photo eyes aren’t properly aligned, it will prevent your door from closing. These eyes can be adjusted by hand until they’re correctly aligned. Start by adjusting the non-lit sensor. After the sensor lights up, that means it’s in the right spot, allowing the door to close as it should. If this doesn’t remedy the problem, it’s possible that your photo eyes are dirty. In this case, getting them cleaned with a mild cleaner and cloth should help your photo eyes function once again.

Lubricate the Moving Components of a Garage Door

There are many parts of garage door maintenance that require professional help, but this is something you can handle on your own. Take some silicone spray or lithium grease, and lubricate the springs, hinges, and rollers on your door. This will help keep these components running smoothly and silently.

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