Maintenance Tips for Your Aluminum Garage Door

Are you a homeowner who has an aluminum garage door? If so, you’ve made a smart move, as these doors are designed to last for many years. Aluminum is a lightweight metal, which puts less strain on any door opener you have, and you don’t have to worry about rusting either. With that said, you still have to take care of your door in order to get the most value out of it. Here are maintenance tips you should use to care for your aluminum garage door.

Give Your Door Insulation

The weather undergoes change regularly. As of now, the weather is switching from the hot summer days to the moderately cool temperatures of fall. While the temperatures outside can change, that doesn’t mean the temperature of your garage must change in kind. By adding insulation to your aluminum garage door, you can make the space in your garage more comfortable.

Give Your Door Regular Cleanings

Your aluminum garage door should be cleaned occasionally so that dirt and grime don’t have the chance to build up. When cleaning your door, stick to something non-abrasive, like a garden hose, as well as a sponge with some soapy water on it. This will prevent the door from getting scratched up while you’re cleaning it. Once you’ve scrubbed your door down, it just needs time to dry before looking like new again.

Give Your Door Periodic Tune-Ups

Maintenance Tips for Your Aluminum Garage Door

By giving tune-ups to your aluminum garage door, you help to extend its lifespan.

Just like with any other type of garage door, an aluminum garage door will have to receive tune-ups regularly. This means a garage door contractor will need to come by and test the connections and wiring of your door. The safety features and opener will also be tested during this time. If the door needs to be lubricated anywhere, or it needs rebalancing, these processes will be done to keep your door running smoothly. By giving tune-ups to your aluminum garage door, you help to extend its lifespan.

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