Parts of a Home vs. Professional Garage Door Inspection

Parts of a Home vs. Professional Garage Door Inspection

If you’re concerned about underlying issues with your garage door, you may want a garage door inspection.

As a professional garage door company, we know what it takes to make sure a garage door and garage door opener are able to operate safely and quietly. It’s not just our jobs, it’s our passion. That includes helping you with routine maintenance so your garage keeps working as you need it to and inspecting any of your equipment to find the cause of any issues you may be having. That helps us accurately diagnose the problem so we can give you long-lasting fixes that aren’t going to break down again. Sometimes home inspectors will also look at garage doors, but the truth is, what they do is different from what we do in terms of professional garage door inspection. Let’s take a look.

Home Inspectors

If you get a home inspector to come take a look at your garage door, they’re going to do a surface-level report on what’s visible. That may include checking reverse mechanisms by blocking the infrared sensors while closing the door to see if the door properly stops and then reverses. They could also look at your pressure sensor by putting something under the door while it closes and making sure the door will stop and reverse. Lastly, they may check the garage door seal for light, which could be causing energy loss or even possibly letting pests into your home.

These are all good to check, but they’re also basic. If you’re concerned about underlying issues with your garage door, you may want a garage door inspection from a pro like us here at First Choice Garage Doors.

Professional Garage Door Inspections

We want to make sure we’re giving you a thorough, complete check to give you an idea of the overall condition of your door. While we can do everything a home inspector would, we can also do additional inspections like checking the integrity of your cables. Your cables may become frayed, rusted, or kinked, causing a serious safety hazard and leaving you with the potential that your door will fall straight down. Likewise, checking springs and making sure everything feels balanced can help prevent further damage to your door.

Sometimes it’s in the details that can be easily forgotten, like your rollers. These carry panels in the track but some doors come with cheap rollers that begin to drag; it’s a slight factor, but it can impact performance. We can also look at the garage door opener itself including all the electrical components as these are complicated pieces that require a professional to understand the nuances.

Let First Choice Garage Doors Find The Right Door For You

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