Signs You Need A Garage Door Replacement

Signs You Need A Garage Door Replacement

Keep an eye on these reasons to have a garage door replacement.

Several signs should indicate to you that it’s time for a garage door replacement. Identifying these problems before they cause too much harm is essential because a garage door that doesn’t function as it should could pose a danger to you and everyone living in your home. Keep an eye on these reasons to have a garage door replacement.


Garage doors won’t open or close instantaneously because they are large structures and could cause severe damage if they move at high speeds. That said, a garage door that moves too slowly is also a problem. If you see your door closing more slowly than average, a garage door replacement might be in order.

Noise Level

Noise is never something that should be ignored. Yes, there will be some noise that comes with opening and closing a garage door. But too much noise can signal that you need a garage door repair. Garage doors in optimal condition should run smoothly and make minimal noise while in motion. If you start hearing squeaking, grinding, crunching, grating or banging, you might want to consider replacing your garage door.

Safety and Security

Garage doors are incredibly heavy, and they can severely injure, if not kill, someone if it closes unexpectedly. If you see that your door doesn’t shut all the way or that an automatic garage door doesn’t reverse after something goes through its sensor, you need a garage door replacement immediately to preserve the safety of everyone living in the house. On top of the risks to residents in your home, you also run the risk of damaging your house if you keep a garage door that isn’t functioning as it should.


How your garage door looks can affect your property value and curb appeal. You might not want to keep a garage door that looks dated and doesn’t complement your home’s exterior. Any door becomes old eventually, and reviving your home’s curb appeal with a garage door replacement can help bring your house into the new age.


Some newer garage door models come complete with cool features that your door might not have. Perhaps you would enjoy having a door that had the same modern features, many of which can add conveniences to using your garage door.


Garage doors are suspect to being worn down over time. It might accumulate some scratches and dents over the years. Some minor damage can be handled with little maintenance. However, you might need a garage door replacement if your door is breaking down frequently. You shouldn’t be unsure of whether your door will work or not on any given day. If you’ve reached this point, you’ll be better off installing a new garage door.

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