3 Key Commercial Garage Door Maintenance Tips

3 Key Commercial Garage Door Maintenance Tips

While all doors are prone to accidents, you can undergo certain commercial garage door maintenance procedures to extend your door’s life.

Commercial garage doors serve a valuable role by making sure materials stored in warehouses are kept safe, and allowing products and equipment to be moved around with ease. With a functional commercial garage door, you have easy access to everything your business needs. To ensure smooth functioning, these doors must be ready to withstand seasonal changes, including rain and moisture. While all doors are prone to accidents, you can undergo certain commercial garage door maintenance procedures to extend your door’s life.

Be Wary Of Signs Of Rust

Metal garage doors can last for years. But without commercial garage door maintenance, metal is more susceptible to rusting, which not only ruins the appearance of the door, but also hinders its performance and lifespan. That’s why you must address any signs of rust immediately before they become a bigger problem. In cases like this, professional help is advised for cleaning the rust and applying wax to the outer and inner surfaces of your door.

Check Insulation

To maintain your door’s energy efficiency, you have to inspect the insulation regularly. If garage doors are not insulated, it results in energy loss, which in turn results in higher energy bills when you are regulating indoor temperatures. If your business is heavily concerned about energy efficiency, you want to upgrade to an insulated garage door. Insulated commercial garage doors are built differently from single-layer ones, making them a more energy-efficient option.

Check Weather Seals

Water leaking under the garage roller door is a common concern that can cause damage to the garage as well as the materials inside it. Part of commercial garage door maintenance is checking the weather seals on your door. If there is water leakage, replace the bottom rubber seal on the door. This helps restore the water resistance of your door and serves to protect your garage’s interior from future water damage.

Wrap Up

Investing in commercial garage door maintenance is critical for extending the lifespan of the door and the garage itself. The initial time and money you put towards your door will be well worth the investment when you know your business supplies are as safe and secure as possible.

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