The Good and Bad Of Installing a Wooden Garage Door

The Good and Bad Of Installing a Wooden Garage Door

Read on to find out about the pros and cons of installing a wooden garage door.

It’s no secret that a wooden garage door can be a stunning new addition to your home. If you’re installing a new garage door, going with one made of wood is worth your consideration. They can add more style and class to anyone’s home. The question becomes whether or not it’s worth the investment. Read on to find out about the pros and cons of installing a wooden garage door.

Pro: Customizable

A wooden garage door can be customized pretty much however you want. You can select your type of timber, what color or stain you want, decorative pieces, and if you want any windows. You can also select from various paneling design choices. With all of these choices available, you’re sure to get whatever type of door you want.

Con: Price

A wooden garage door will usually be more expensive than other types of doors. Also, if you choose to customize your door, that will further increase the money you spend. You can keep the price to a minimum by going with a simpler, more basic door.

Pro: Timeless

Wooden garage doors have a timeless charm to them. This means your door will always be in style. You can go with a more rustic look or choose something more luxurious. This will often depend on which style is best suited for your home.

Con: Maintenance

If you go with a wooden garage door, you have to be prepared for the upkeep it requires. You’ll have to spend a good amount of time maintaining your door to keep it in good condition. Otherwise, it won’t be worth the investment. A wooden garage door will require regular inspections to find out if there is any rotting or damage that’s accumulating. You’ll also have to apply and reapply protective coatings to keep your door weatherproofed. Without proper maintenance, your door won’t get you the value you want for your home.

Pro: Strength

Steel doors are vulnerable to denting. If you go with a wooden garage door, it has a much lower chance of getting cracked or dented because wood offers a hard and tough surface that won’t get easily broken down.

Con: Energy Efficiency

You might have some concerns about energy efficiency if your wooden garage door is attached to your house. Usually, steel will be a better insulator for you than wood. However, there are wooden doors with insulation, but it does come at an additional cost.

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