What You Can Do to Handle Rust On Your Garage Door

What You Can Do to Handle Rust On Your Garage Door

If you follow these steps, you can ensure your garage door is free of rust.

Rust is a serious problem for your garage door. While many garage doors these days are made to be resistant to rust, there are older varieties that don’t share this quality. If you own one of these older doors, it could start corroding eventually. Rusting is most commonly found at the bottom of your garage door because it’s a gathering place for adverse stimuli such as snow, road salt, and rain. Rust has to be handled immediately. Otherwise, it will start to spread and create holes in your door. But, if you follow these steps, you can ensure your garage door is free of rust.

Remove Rust

Treat all rusted spots on your door with a cloth that is soaked with white vinegar. Vinegar is needed because it causes rust to dissolve. Then, scrub the rust from your door with the help of a steel-wool pad. Removing all of the rust is key. If you leave any behind, it could keep spreading.

Fill the Holes If You Have Any

If you have any holes in your garage door, get them filled at once. You should use a bonding agent that is suitable for metal when doing this. As soon as your filler is dried off, use some fine-grit paper to get the spot sanded. After that, you should sand your whole garage door. Lastly, using a dust cloth or a brush, remove any remaining dust your door has.

Get Your Garage Door Washed

Rust is going to leave your garage door looking ugly. But, before you can paint your door to revive its wonderful appearance, you need to wash it. Paint doesn’t stick well to dirty and greasy surfaces, and painting over pieces of debris is a bad idea because the surface of your door will have bumps on it.

To wash the door, you should use a mixture of dish soap and some warm water. Once the door has been thoroughly washed, just rinse it off with a hose and give it time to dry.

Get Your Door Painted

The last step is to get your garage door primed and painted. Your primer and paint are going to have to be resistant to rust, and they should be made to be used on metal surfaces. It also doesn’t hurt to consult a professional garage door company and see if they have suggestions on what products you should use.

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