5 Reasons Your Garage Door Won’t Open or Close

Opening &  Closing

Here are some reasons your garage door might have problems opening & closing.

Your garage door serves an important function in your home. Since it’s where your vehicle exits and enters your garage, the garage door is the most frequently used entrance to the home for many homeowners. Because of all this wear and tear, you may find that your garage door is sticking, making more noise than normal, or flat-out not opening or closing. Here are some common reasons your garage door may not be working properly.

Operator Receives No Power

If the operator isn’t receiving power, your garage door won’t be able to open or close. Sometimes, this can be as simple as plugging in a loose power cord, but it can also indicate some larger issues. For example, when your garage door operator isn’t receiving power, and everything appears to be properly plugged in, it may indicate a blown fuse or circuit breaker. This issue should always be handled by a professional.

Transmitter Needs New Batteries

This is one of the simplest fixes for a stuck garage door. Problems opening or closing your garage door can be the result of expired batteries in your transmitter. Luckily, this is an easy enough fix to take care of yourself in order to continue using your garage door as intended.

Snapped Cables

A far more major problem that can be keeping your garage door from opening or closing is snapped cables. This problem should always be solved by a professional, since the repairs can be dangerous. Without cables in place to gently lift or drop your garage door, it can cause serious injuries to those in the path of the door, or serious damage to a vehicle, bike, or other equipment left in the way.

Remote Signal Blocked

When remote activation of your garage door isn’t working, and the battery isn’t the problem, the cause could be a bad input or broken antenna blocking the remote signal. In many cases, you’ll need to adjust your settings to fix this problem.

Photo-Eye is Dirty, Blocked, or Misaligned

If there is something in the way of your garage door’s photo-eye, this can prevent it from closing all the way. Inspect the path to make sure there isn’t something stuck in the way. If the path is clear, the photo-eye could be misaligned, which will require adjustment.

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