Do You Need a Garage Door Replacement? Check for these Signs to Find Out!

Do You Need a Garage Door Replacement? Check for these Signs to Find Out!

Look for these signs that you need a garage door replacement.

A garage door is going to take damage over the years, which is only natural. If only your door could speak to you itself. Then it could tell you what’s wrong the moment something comes up. As we all know, this isn’t the case, so it’s up to us to determine when something is wrong with our garage door.

Eventually, your door will be beyond repair, and you’re going to need to replace it. Sometimes, making that call isn’t easy, and you want to know if you have to replace your door instead of getting it repaired. Look for these signs that you need a garage door replacement.

Broken Sections

You want to see if there are any loose or missing pieces of your door. Also, watch out to see if any areas are severely damaged or dented. Sometimes, on wooden doors, you can find rotting. Problems like these can compromise the structure of the door and can be inviting to all sorts of insects and rodents. It’s better to get a garage door replacement in these cases, especially if your door is older and more likely to be damaged again soon.

Excessive Vibration

Another sign to watch out for is whether your door shakes after you open or close it. If it shakes, it could mean there is something wrong with how your door moves along the tracks. You could have rusty rollers, a roller could have gone off the tracks, or your springs could be broken. It’s also possible your garage door has loose or broken hinges. Anything that affects how your door moves along the tracks warrants a garage door replacement.

Noisy Operation

You know what sounds your garage door normally makes. If it makes any unusual noises or seems too loud when in use, it’s time for a garage door replacement. There are a few reasons your door could be noisy. It could be a result of broken springs or hinges as mentioned earlier, or the rollers and hinges haven’t been properly lubricated. It’s also possible there is uneven side-to-side tension. Whichever reason it may be, if it sounds strange, it sounds like you need to replace your door.

Poor Security

You don’t want your door to leave your home vulnerable to intruders. Older garage doors make it easier for unwelcome guests to get into your home. Do what’s right for your family and make the switch to a new, more secure garage door. Modern doors have all sorts of safety features that give you the level of security you need to rest easy.

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