More Reasons a Garage Door Will Not Function Properly


More Reasons a Garage Door Will Not Function Properly

Here are additional reasons a garage door might not work as it should.

Garage doors are complex pieces of machinery, and you might not understand every aspect of how they work. It’s also possible that you are unsure of the reasons they don’t work, and if your garage door isn’t performing, you’ll want to discover the source of the problem quickly. Knowing why your door is not working is important because it helps you determine the best way to resolve the problem. We have discussed potential causes of garage door failure in the past, but there are still other reasons to keep on your radar. Here are additional reasons a garage door might not work as it should.

Your Photo Eye is Not Aligned Properly

Photo eyes are a big part of garage door safety because they will detect if there is anything beneath your door while it is closing. This keeps people from getting severely injured due to the door closing on top of them.

If your door opens fine but does not close when you use the remote, you should take a look at your photo eyes. It’s possible they have gotten dirty, which keeps them from detecting obstructions beneath the door. The eyes also might not match on either side.

When you clean your photo eyes, do everything you can not to damage them. A soft cloth is recommended when cleaning them for this reason.

If cleaning the eyes doesn’t work, use a level to make sure that both eyes are aligned perfectly with each other, then try again. If you’re still having trouble after that, call a professional to help you out.

Issues With the Transmitters

It’s possible that your transmitters are running into problems, and there are also many reasons your transmitters may not be working like they should. Sometimes, they are just not in range of your door. In this case, simply wait until you have reached your driveway, then try hitting the transmitter button again.

If this doesn’t solve the issue, check the antenna and be sure it’s hanging down from your motor. There also can’t be anything blocking it because obstructions can interfere with the signal that the antenna is trying to receive.

Lastly, see if your antenna has sustained any damage. Antennas that have been damaged will need to be replaced by a professional garage door company.

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