How Often a Garage Door Repair May Be Needed

How Often a Garage Door Repair May Be Needed

Here is some content that explains how often garage door repair might be necessary.

Your home’s entry and exit doors keep out cold and hot air. However, they’re also essential for safety. It requires proper care and maintenance for your garage door to function correctly and provide adequate protection for you and your family. Many things could go awry with your garage door. Therefore, more issues could happen if you wait to replace or repair it. Have you noticed any malfunctions with your garage door lately? If so, here is some content that explains how often garage door repair might be necessary.

How Often Should Garage Door Repair Occur?

Depending on the type of door opener you’re dealing with and the frequency of usage, you should conduct repairs every year and a half if you’re a homeowner. If you’re a business owner, you want to do this annually to ensure proper working order. While this is a general suggestion, you should consider garage door repair when necessary. For example, if it’s hard to open and close the garage door, this indicates a damaged opener. Therefore, you should call a professional for repair services as soon as possible.

Which Common Garage Door Repair Services Should be on My Radar?

Most garage doors are steel or wooden. Thus, it’s normal for these components to deteriorate over time. For example, the rollers might experience wear and tear with consistent use and might break without constant maintenance. On the other hand, wood is prone to damage because of weather conditions, such as intense sunlight or humidity, that can cause the wood to crack. Metal garage doors can also be vulnerable to rust damage, particularly if they have had rain exposure for a long time or you live in a high-humidity area.


An entire garage door replacement can be challenging and costly. Therefore, it’s best to conduct repairs as soon as possible before the problem exacerbates. However, fear not. You can fix many of these issues by calling a professional garage door company with the proper techniques.

How Do I Avoid My Garage Door Needing Repairs in the First Place?

Proper garage door maintenance is the only way to save yourself from future mistakes. We suggest doing the following during the spring and fall:

  • Lubricate the door tracks before the winter. They often become rusty during this time, meaning they need cleaning or a replacement, if necessary. It’s also best to look for any possible damage that happened on the track during the winter before.
  • Replace your garage door batteries, which often die out after a year.
  • Check the weather seal and replace it if necessary. You must replace the weather seal if it’s worn and no longer performing correctly.
  • Repair your garage door opener if it has visible damage, needs a lot of much to open, or makes screeching noises when you open or close it.

Should I Repair My Garage Door Myself?

In most cases, we’d say “no.” A garage door repair can be dangerous and cause further damage when you try to change the door opener or swap out any parts of the automatic system. However, you can count on First Choice Garage doors to handle your repair needs. Leave Garage Door Installation to First Choice Garage Doors

Since 2004, First Choice Garage Doors has been providing quality service in Maryland, Delaware, Northern Virginia, and Pennsylvania. We offer services like garage door installation and replacement, as well as maintenance and repair. We specialize in the repair and maintenance of garage doors and their accessories. Here at First Choice Garage Doors, we work with top manufacturers in the industry, including Amar Entrematic, Clopay, Wayne Dalton, and Artisan.

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