How to Tell Your Garage Door Wasn’t Installed Correctly

How to Tell Your Garage Door Wasn’t Installed Correctly

What are some of the telltale signs that your garage door was not installed properly?

Your garage door is a large investment in the functionality and safety of your home, but the installation plays a huge role in how well it works. Unfortunately, some people choose to DIY their installation or cut corners and end up with poor results. What are some of the telltale signs that your garage door was not installed properly?

The Door Stalls When Opening or Closing

If you notice that the garage door is stopping or going back down again before it is able to get halfway up, there is most likely a broken spring. Damage to springs can occur over time and lead to your garage door working much slower than you’d like it to. Over time, it may stop working properly altogether. However, a damaged spring can also occur due to poor installation. In those cases, the only solution is to replace the spring to restore the door.

The Door Doesn’t Work Smoothly

A new garage door should open and close seamlessly, and any deviations from that are a potential cause for concern. If you notice that your door is shuddering, bouncing, or closing in an erratic manner, it’s a sign that installation might be the culprit. Pulleys that are not correctly aligned and installed often have this issue. Additionally, cables that are faulty, pulleys that are worn, and tracks that are bent can also lead to issues closing the door properly.

The Door Doesn’t Work At All

One of the most obvious signs that something is wrong with your garage door is that it is not working at all! If you are not able to open or close your garage door, you should call for service immediately, as this can be a safety hazard if you need to get somewhere and cannot get out of the garage. We can assess your door to determine what the issue is and make sure that installation is not an obstacle to the proper function of the door.

The Wall Button Changes the Door

Do you find that your garage door starts to go up anytime you hit the wall button? If you find that you need to continuously hold a button for the door to properly shut, there’s probably an issue with the sensor. This can be a user error due to a box or piece of debris interfering with the sensor, but it can also be an installation problem.

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