How to Perform Garage Door Maintenance During Winter

How to Perform Garage Door Maintenance During Winter

We have all of the winter garage door maintenance tips you could possibly need, so let’s get into it.

You may or may not be aware that cold, winter weather may have an impact on many parts of your home, including your garage door. This is because the constant battle between the weather outside and the warmth provided by your home’s heating system will cause wood to contract and expand over and over. Likewise, snow accumulation can cause problems with the integrity of your home, too.

All of this applies to your garage door, but don’t worry, as you can prevent issues with some basic garage door maintenance. We have all of the winter garage door maintenance tips you could possibly need, so let’s get into it.

Part Lubrication

If you lubricate the parts that make your garage door run, it helps keep them functioning even once the temperatures drop below freezing. There are a number of components that can be lubricated to help with how your garage door works. The steel tracks, which are subject to thermal cracking. Torsion springs are also steel and lubricating them can help keep everything moving. The rollers, the parts that come into contact with the tracks, also need lubrication to operate as smoothly as possible. Lastly, hinges can be lubricated at their pivot points.

Weather Stripping

Your weather stripping is important in keeping both cold air and moisture out of your garage. Take a look at your weather stripping and note any damages. Cleaning off the dirt and debris can be a quick and easy way to help your weather stripping function again, but if it looks excessively worn, it might be best to replace the stripping entirely.

Cleaning Snow

This garage door maintenance tip is simple but necessary: remove snow around your garage. Snow is heavy and can actually cause damage to your door if it’s left sitting against it for too long. All that extra weight may cause cracks or deterioration, but also the moisture that comes with snow may cause rust or rotting.

Garage Door Inspection

If you’re unsure of what you should even be looking for or just want a professional opinion, don’t be afraid of scheduling an inspection with a company that specializes in this kind of work. Even if they don’t find any problems with your garage door, they may have some recommendations for how you can best maintain your garage door and some additional tips tailored to you specifically.

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