Problems That an Insulated Garage Door Can Solve

Problems That an Insulated Garage Door Can Solve

How can an insulated garage door benefit you? Find out right here!

Homeowners can get plenty of benefits from installing a new garage door. Many these days don’t just use their garage door for their vehicles but as an entrance into their home as well. While so many of us cherish our garage doors, they’re still often an unfinished and unconditioned area, which means it isn’t as insulated as an indoor room would be. One route to go is to install an insulated garage door. An insulated garage door will solve many problems you may be having with your garage door, and we’ll be discussing some of the more common ones.

Temperature Woes

If you’re experiencing a garage that’s uncomfortably hot or cold, you’re going to want to look into insulating your garage door, as the insulation is going to seal your garage space. If you’re in a climate with intense cold, you may want to avoid having to wait for your car to warm up every winter, and an insulated door is going to help that. On the flip side, if your car’s interior is burning hot every morning, an insulated garage door will help keep it cool. 

Energy Bill Regulation

Thanks to the temperature control that an insulated garage door provides you, you can receive a positive impact on your energy bills. It’s important to treat your garage as a “buffer space.” Essentially, you want to keep the temperature of your garage fairly reasonable because hot or cold air may leak into the room that the garage is attached to and end up raising your overall energy bills during the summer and winter. 

Quiet Performance

If you’re at home and someone drives up and opens your garage door, you shouldn’t be able to hear it from inside. For some people, it can become a real headache to deal with a noisy garage door. Insulation in the door is going to help prevent some of that noise, and will be a nice bit of relief for anyone who has a loud garage door.

A More Sturdy Door

All kinds of accidents happen, and it’s not uncommon to see a garage door with a big dent in it. That said, a polyurethane layer of insulation will provide extra strength, helping your door stand up to minor impacts and keep its shape. It might keep you from having to replace your garage door one day!

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