How to Check Your Garage Door Seal

How to Check Your Garage Door Seal

Is your garage door seal working properly? Here’s how you can know and why it’s important.

You may not know it, but your garage door seal is one of the most crucial parts of your garage. It helps prevent flooding, prevents pests from getting in, and helps improve the garage’s insulation. As important as it may be, it’s also often out of sight—and therefore out of mind! Most people just don’t think about this essential component of their garage until it’s far too late. It’s best to check your garage door seal from time to time. Below, we’ve got the rundown on how to do it. 

Why Does it Matter?

That little rubber piece at the bottom of your garage door is meant to create a seal when the door is closed. It’s also important because it acts as a bumper for your door: if your door were to try to close when it wasn’t supposed to, the door would detect it was hitting something and open up again. That seal prevents whatever it hits from getting damaged. Beyond that, your garage door seal protects against environmental factors like water, extreme weather, and pests. It’s especially important if you have an attached garage, as it also helps prevent airflow and keeps your utility bills down in the summer and winter.

How Do You Check?

An obvious sign that your garage door seal may need to be replaced is to go in at night, turn on the light, and then go outside to check if you can see the light under the door. You can also test with water: just splash some water against the outside of your garage door and see if any leaks in. Drafts are a good indicator as well, as a properly functioning garage door seal shouldn’t let airflow in. Lastly, trust your eyes: if it’s discolored, has cracks, or is warped, you may want to replace your garage door seal.

How Do You Get it Fixed?

Thankfully, even if you do need a full replacement, it’s a fairly easy process. The old one needs to be taken off and a new one can then be tacked on. However, it’s best if a professional does this, as proper alignment is an important part of the process. Consult with a trustworthy professional and get your seal working again.

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