How Many Layers Should Your Steel Garage Door Have?

How Many Layers Should Your Steel Garage Door Have?

Today, we’ll help you determine how many layers your steel garage door should have.

When selecting a material for garage doors, many people opt for steel as their material of choice. Steel doors are very common, given that they provide a great compromise between durability and affordability. Some consider steel to be a sort of basic or bland material for garage doors, but you can get these doors in various styles and colors, so you don’t even have to sacrifice appearance for the door you want. A big question for anyone with a steel garage door, though, is, “How many layers do I need for my door?” Today, we’ll help you determine how many layers your steel garage door should have.

Getting a Single-Layer Steel Garage Door

If your steel garage door has one layer, it will be easier on your budget because it doesn’t use as many materials, and less manufacturing is needed. The drawback is that there is less protection for your door, meaning that denting can occur, and your door will have a lower wind rating. Supports can be added to these doors, however, which can give them a little more protection if you think it’s necessary.

Getting a Double-Layer Steel Garage Door

Double-layer steel garage doors are typically the most common doors you’ll see. They are a little more expensive than single-layer doors, but the tradeoff is that they offer a little more value and protection overall.

With these doors, you not only get the standard main sheet of steel, but you also get a layer of galvanized steel to support it and a backer. A backer is made from material such as polyurethane, and it helps give your steel garage door more insulation, as well as some soundproofing properties.

Getting a Triple-Layer Steel Garage Door

These doors are more expensive than the other two types of doors we’ve listed. However, they give you the most quality, so you get what you paid for.  These are the most sturdy doors of the three we’ve mentioned, and while they come at a higher initial cost, you should save money in the long run, provided that you take good care of them.

Triple-layer and double-layer doors have many similarities, but triple-layer doors have galvanized steel installed along the backside as well. It’s the little bit of extra support that gives triple-layer steel garage doors the most durability and best wind rating you can get.

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