Signs That Your Wood Garage Door Has Termites

Signs That Your Wood Garage Door Has Termites

Here are signs that your wood garage door is dealing with termites.

Termites are a nuisance for anything around your house that’s made of wood. This includes any wood garage door you may have. If you have a wood garage door at home, termites will quickly turn that door into their next meal, which compromises the door’s structural integrity and makes it unfit for use. Before you can deal with termites, however, you have to know whether or not you have a termite problem in the first place. Here are signs that your wood garage door is dealing with termites.

Mud Tunnels

Termites construct mud tunnels as a pathway to get from moist soil into the food source they’re trying to reach. You’ll notice these mud tunnels by way of weaving lines that appear in irregular patterns. The mud tunnels will usually be found close to your house’s foundation, coming from the ground, and extending to the wooden portion of your structure.

Wood That Has Been Damaged

If you suspect your wood garage door has termite damage, go and inspect the wood and see if it’s structurally sound. Try tapping on the wood because the sound of the wood will tell you if termites have been snacking on it. Wood infested with termites will sound hollow when it’s tapped. You might also see small dark holes along the surface of your wood. Next, slowly break a piece of wood off of your garage door and inspect if there are any grained tunnels. This is another indicator that termites have gotten to your door.

Termite Frass

Termite frass refers to droppings that termites leave behind while they’re eating wood. You might notice tiny piles of frass beneath the wood that’s being eaten. They will often resemble a similar appearance to sawdust, but there is a distinction to be made. Termite frass will have variance in both size and color, which will help you determine whether or not termites have truly gotten into your garage door.

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