Dealing With Rust on a Metal Garage Door

Dealing With Rust on a Metal Garage Door

Find out what you should do when you have a rusty metal garage door.

Rust is something nobody wants to see on their metal garage door. It’s a problem that can only grow as time passes, meaning that immediate intervention is required to minimize the impact of the issue. So, how does one deal with rust in this situation? Find out what you should do when you have a rusty metal garage door.

Remove the Rust

Rust is able to spread, so you have to get rid of all rust before you can even think about restoring your metal garage door. Steel wool is a great material for cleaning off rust. Along with this, you can also take a cloth, and soak it in vinegar because vinegar will cause rust to dissolve. Once the rust is gone, and the possibility of it spreading is no more, you can move on to repairing your door.

Fill Any Holes in Your Door

Sometimes, rust will cause holes to form in your metal garage door. In order to fill those holes, try using auto body filler or some other type of bonding agent that works well with metal.

After the filler has had sufficient time to dry, use sandpaper to smooth out your door’s surface. Finally, brush away whatever dust is lingering on your metal garage door to make it look like new again.

Wash Your Garage Door

Next, you’ll need to wash your garage door because you’ll need a clean surface before you can begin painting. Fortunately, all you need is some warm water and dish soap. Just mix these together, and use this cleaning solution to get the surface of your door cleaned up. After that, just rinse your door and you’ll be ready for painting.

Paint Your Garage Door

Finally, it’s time to apply the paint and primer to your door. You should use paint and primer that has resistance to rust, and it should be designed to be used on metal garage doors. You can decide to consult a professional garage door company if you’re unsure of what paints and primers you should be using.

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