Wood Garage Door: Pros and Cons

Wood Garage Door: Pros and Cons

Let’s explore the pros and cons of the wood garage door.

If your garage is attached, it likely plays a huge role in the first impression that visitors have of your home because it is the most prominent part of the facade. Therefore, the garage and the garage door are an important component to your curb appeal of your home. If you’re looking to give a major boost to your curb appeal, updating the garage door is a great way to do it. Manufacturers these days produce garage doors from a variety of materials. One tried and true garage door material is wood, but like anything else, it is not perfect for everyone. Let’s explore the pros and cons of the wood garage door.

Pro: Beautiful

First and foremost, the reason that so many people opt for wood is that it is truly beautiful. Nothing can really beat the natural look and style of real wood. It is a great way to make a striking statement. Natural wood also allows you the option to change the look up when you paint or stain it.

Con: High Maintenance

Wood garage doors have one major drawback for a lot of people: they require regular maintenance. If you want to keep the beauty and appeal of your wood garage door for years and years, you have to put in the work, including cleaning, painting or staining, and sealing the wood.

Pro: Custom-Made

Wood garage doors are often custom made to exactly fit your garage door opening and your aesthetic. While pre-fab is often also available, choosing to invest in a custom-made door means you get exactly what you need and want. If your home is historic, you will almost certainly want to opt for the traditional look of a era-appropriate custom wood garage door.

Con: Pricey

While the variety of wood garage doors available on the market does mean that they come in a range of prices, the cost of a wood garage door is typically higher than other materials. Part of this is that they are so often custom made, but part of it is also the craftsmanship that goes into any wooden door. The type and quality of the wood will also play a part in the final price.

Pro: Dent-Proof

Unlike metal garage doors, wood ones don’t show dents or scratches when they get bumper-bumped. Wood is highly durable and can withstand the active lifestyle of a home with kids and pets, while a metal door might need repairs.

Con: Weather Durability

Finally, wood garage doors are typically solid wood, so they don’t have a layer of insulation inside like vinyl or steel doors might. This means that the garage may not stay as temperature stable. Additionally, if you’re not doing that regular maintenance, the weather will eventually cause the door to warp, rot, and break.

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