Wood Garage Door Maintenance Tips

Wood Garage Door Maintenance Tips

Keep reading to learn the maintenance procedures you need to know when taking care of a wood garage door.

Wood garage doors are beautiful parts of our homes that really help to promote elegance around your landscape. However, this is only true when your door is given proper care. If you don’t perform maintenance on your wood garage door, it will not only look less appealing, but it will also begin to deteriorate, worsening its functionality. Fortunately, we have just the tips you need to properly maintain your door. Keep reading to learn the maintenance procedures you need to know when taking care of a wood garage door.

Make Sure Your Door Stays Clean

Cleanliness is important for pretty much any part of your home, and the same goes for any wood garage door you may have. When you take the time to remove dirt and debris from your door, you can maintain its beautiful natural appearance. For the best results, you’ll want to get a thorough cleaning done for your door either one or two times each year.

Inspect Your Wood Garage Door for Signs of Rot

Every couple of months, you should perform an inspection of your wood garage door and see if any rot has started to develop. When your door has rot, it causes the wood to become softer, and then the wood will deteriorate and compromise your door’s structural integrity.

You can use a screwdriver to test your door for rot. If the wood remains strong and solid, you’re good to go. However, if the wood starts to give way, that means rot is affecting your door, and you’ll need to get professional help either repairing or replacing your door as necessary.

Don’t Forget Pest Control

Rot isn’t the only thing that can harm a wood garage door; you also need to worry about pests, like beetles and termites, that can create holes in your door with ease. That’s why you need to check on your door and see if you notice any tiny holes or tunnels. These are both signs that there are pests burrowing through the wood in your door. If your wood garage door has a pest problem, you’ll want to get a pest control company to come by and handle the situation.

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