Automatic Garage Doors Vs. Manual Garage Doors

Automatic Garage Doors Vs. Manual Garage Doors

Manual and automatic garage doors have different merits, and we’ll review both to make deciding on one easier for you.

Garage doors do more than give extra protection to any cars you have in the garage; they are also entrances to your house. For this reason, you want a garage door that is both easy to use and also capable of giving you the protection your house needs. There are many thoughts that go into what kind of door you should get, and one decision that has to get made is whether you get an automatic door or a manual one. Manual and automatic garage doors have different merits, and we’ll review both to make deciding on one easier for you.

Maintenance Requirements

The maintenance requirements for manual versus automatic garage doors are quite different. All doors require maintenance in order to function properly, but the maintenance tasks will differ. Automatic garage doors are typically harder to maintain because they have more complex machinery, such as photo-eye-lasers and torsion springs.

All of these different pieces must be lubricated regularly, especially after there has been rainy weather. Doors may come with water resistance, but there is a chance that some parts could experience corrosion. If any pieces end up corroding, your automatic garage door won’t work as it should, and repairs and maintenance will become more expensive and attention-intensive.

Manual garage doors, on the other hand, only require that you check the sliding components to be sure they are lubricated sufficiently and allow the door to be opened without trouble.


Generally speaking, you’ll be safer with automatic garage doors instead of manual ones. Automatic garage doors will go up on their own if they detect any obstructions while the door is being closed. This helps protect people from getting crushed.

Manual doors don’t come with this feature, so you have to be extra vigilant to be sure your garage door doesn’t fall on top of you.


Automatic garage doors carry more convenience for sure. You can operate your door with merely the push of a button rather than be required to move your door by hand if you have a manual garage door. Automatic garage doors are especially helpful for people who have sustained injuries because they won’t have to exert themselves too much to get their garage doors open.

If there is any convenient aspect of a manual garage door, it’s the fact that they don’t break down like automatic garage doors. If any component of automatic doors breaks, then the entire door will likely become inoperable, which can be quite a burden. You’ll be required to bring in professional help to get the door fixed if you want your door to function as it should.

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