Comparing Residential Garage Doors With Commercial Garage Doors

Comparing Residential Garage Doors With Commercial Garage Doors

Today, we’re looking at some of the big differences between residential garage doors and commercial garage doors.

Garage doors are used in both commercial and residential applications. Typically, the quickest way to tell the difference between the two is just by looking at what kind of building they’re attached to. However, the differences do run deeper than that. Today, we’re looking at some of the big differences between residential garage doors and commercial garage doors.


Most of us care about how our homes look so it should be no surprise that one big difference between commercial garage doors and residential garage doors is how they look. Many homeowners are looking for something that looks as good as it works, whereas business owners are usually more concerned with the functionality of the door.

Residential garage doors can end up having an impact on curb appeal and resale value, so it’s important to consider the design, windows, and color of a door. Many commercial garage doors are simple white roll-up designs.


Commercial garage doors tend to be larger than ones used for homes. Residential garage doors are often built to a standardized size, usually a height of seven feet and around eight to nine feet in width. While these standards are common, you can always order a custom garage door as tall as 12 feet high if you own an RV or boat that needs such accommodations. Commercial doors vary in size much more and are entirely application-dependent.

Materials Used

Homeowners looking for a new garage have a few different options for the materials they can use, like steel, fiberglass, or wood. It just depends on whatever their preference and budget align with. Wood is one of the better looking materials but something like steel will be more durable. On the other hand, commercial garage doors are often made of either aluminum or galvanized steel, since both are durable and secure options.

Opening Ability

Your home’s garage door is only meant to be opened a few times a day. Commercial doors, on the other hand, have garage door openers that are meant to function countless times per day in the event that you have a very busy business.


Unsurprisingly, commercial doors are going to cost significantly more to install and maintain. This is because they tend to be much larger, much more secure, and may have additional features that complicate their installation. Most homeowners don’t need more than the typical residential garage door for their property.

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