Five Signs That You need a Garage Door Repair

Five Signs That You need a Garage Door Repair

Keep your eyes peeled for these signs that you need a garage door repair.

We use our garage doors many times each day, but we hardly ever consider any damage they might be sustaining. To keep your door in top condition, regular monthly maintenance checks are needed. Upkeep is essential for preserving the safety of you, your family, and your property. If you wait until a disaster strikes to do something, it can cost a fortune to repair! Knowing what signs to watch for is great for detecting and addressing problems before they get out of hand. Keep your eyes peeled for these signs that you need a garage door repair.

Your Door is Noisy

While all garage doors make noise, certain sounds are more ominous than others. It’s time to get a garage door repair if you start hearing squeaking or scraping sounds. These noises are unnatural for garage doors and signal that you might have loose pieces or a need to lubricate certain parts.

Non-Responsive Remote

For garage doors that operate by remote control, a clear sign a garage door repair is needed is whenever your remote is unresponsive. There are a few reasons your remote might not work. There could be a door malfunction. Your remote could need batteries. There could be a bad connection between your remote and the door.

If you address these issues and your remote still doesn’t work, it could be a problem with your door, such as broken safety sensors or damaged springs.

Shaking and Other Inconsistent Movement

Your garage door should always run smoothly, and if it doesn’t, you might need a garage door repair to resolve the problem. This is because your door could have some broken pieces. In more severe cases, you might need to replace the entire door.

Slow Response Time

Your garage door should open and close within two seconds of pressing the opener. After that, it should move smoothly. If it’s taking longer for the door to get moving, it’s possible that the door needs repairs. However, it could also be the opener that has issues.

Your Energy Bill Went Up

Any time we see our energy bills go up, our first thought is that it’s the air conditioner or heating system. But there are other reasons your energy bill could rise.

Older and broken garage doors take more energy to operate, so as your door ages, you’ll find your energy bill going up more. A garage door repair could fix this problem, though replacing the door altogether is a good thought too.

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