Installing a Wooden Garage Door: Pros and Cons

Installing a Wooden Garage Door: Pros and Cons

We will go over the pros and cons of installing a wooden garage door on your property.

Wooden garage doors can look amazing! If you’re remodeling, or even building a new house, wood doors can be the perfect way to add style to your house’s exterior. The question now is: is it worth the investment? We will go over the pros and cons of installing a wooden garage door on your property.

Pro: Customization

There are so many ways you can customize a wooden garage door. There is a wide variety of colors and stains from which to choose, and you can even add decorative hardware pieces. There are plenty of paneling options available to you. With so many choices, you can get your door to look any way you want.

Con: Price

Wood is often more expensive than other materials. The more customizable your door is, the more pricey it tends to be. If you keep your door simple, that can help bring the price down.

Pro: Eco-Friendly

Wood is renewable, so wooden garage doors are more eco-friendly than doors made from other materials. Also, wooden doors are great because if they ever get damaged, you only have to replace the parts that get damaged instead of replacing the whole door.

Con: Energy Efficiency

If your door is a part of your home, energy efficiency may be a concern for you. Steel is often a better insulator than wood. However, there are wooden doors with insulation you can buy. The insulation comes at an additional price, so keep that in mind before purchasing.

Pro: Strength

Wood is a hard and sturdy surface. If you hit it, you have a better chance of it being okay than other materials. Steel doors often dent if you hit them. So, if you’re worried about damaging your door, a wooden garage door may be a better choice for you.

Con: Maintenance

A wooden garage door will demand constant maintenance from you. It’s only worth the investment if you’re willing to put in the time to keep it in top condition. You’ll have to inspect your door regularly to see if there is any damage. Every now and then, you’ll need to apply a protective coating to your door to keep it weatherproofed. If you don’t maintain your door, it will rot, chip, and warp.

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