How a Garage Door Could Let Bugs Inside Your House

How a Garage Door Could Let Bugs Inside Your House

If your garage door is letting bugs into your house, it could be due to some of these following factors.

Insects can be a real bother when they’re swarming your house, but beyond that, they can even cause damage to your property. Many bugs are quite persistent, always finding ways to get into your house. One such entry point bugs use to invade your property is your garage door. Once they bypass your door, they can start to wear down different areas of your garage or the rest of your house. If your garage door is letting bugs into your house, it could be due to some of these following factors.

Your Garage Door Has Damaged Panels

Does your door happen to have any patches or holes in it? Panels often get damaged when something collides with them, but it can also be due to hazardous weather conditions. Once your panels have been broken, they provide an easy pathway for bugs to get into your garage, which is why you should get professional help repairing your panels the moment you notice this issue.

Your Garage Door Doesn’t Close

Your garage door could be off track, or perhaps it doesn’t close all of the way and leaves you with a gap under the door. When you have gaps around your door, insects use them to get inside your house, and some insects are especially problematic because they might try nesting in your garage. Such nesting insects include wasps, which can be problematic to have in your garage or other parts of your house.

In addition, when garage doors are damaged, they don’t get used as often. This makes them the perfect settings for other nesting insects, such as spiders, that may be seeking warmth in the upcomings months of colder weather.

Your Garage Door Is Not Sealed Sufficiently

If you notice bugs getting through your garage door but you don’t have large gaps or damaged panels, it’s possible that your door doesn’t have sufficient sealing. It’s impressive what insects can do with even the smallest openings afforded to them, and without good sealing, they’ll get inside your garage without trouble.

Proper sealing is also just a solid feature for any garage door, as it helps keep your house more insulated. This lets you regulate temperatures more easily, which will help you save money on heating and air conditioning. A professional garage door company can help you seal your door if it isn’t sealed already.

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