How the Cold Can Impact Your Garage Door

How the Cold Can Impact Your Garage Door

Cold weather can negatively impact your garage door in many ways.

Weather can affect your garage door in many ways, and it all depends on the outdoor temperature, if there is any precipitation, and how both of these factors change. One condition that can hinder your door is when the weather gets incredibly cold. Cold weather can negatively impact your garage door in many ways.

Contracting Steel

With many garage doors being made from steel, they are known to contract in the winter when the weather gets cold. Different steel components of your door, such as your tracks, hinges, and springs, can end up warping due to cold weather unless you are constantly moving them.

To help with this problem, you should lubricate those areas so that they have an easier time functioning as they should. Maintenance is a necessity for keeping all of the parts of your garage door working properly.

Water Freezing

The garage door’s bottom is used to try and seal the door to the ground. The idea is that the door blocks off pests and undesirable weather from entering the garage. But, this can become problematic in the winter because of freezing water that forms around the bottom of your garage door. If there are puddles of water forming around your door’s bottom, it’s possible for that water to freeze, which can cause your garage door to get stuck to the ground and become unable to open.

You can prevent this by making sure that your gutters remain unclogged. Also, push any water around your door’s bottom away from the area, so it doesn’t have the chance to freeze your door in place.

Operator Problems

Garage door operators are another area of concern during the cold winter months. All of the moving parts that your garage door openers have work optimally whenever they are properly lubricated and kept in motion regularly. Something else that may play a role in your door’s function is your opener’s sensitivity, assuming you have the level set to “light.” If this is your situation, your operator might think that your garage door is colliding with something, even if there isn’t anything obstructing the door’s path. This can stop your door from moving. You should monitor your operator to ensure that it is working as intended.

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