Reasons For Your Garage Door Springs to Break

Reasons For Your Garage Door Springs to Break

These are some of the reasons your garage door springs may break.

When opening and closing your garage door, it’s the springs that do most of the work. Whenever your garage door springs break, it can be a taxing problem for homeowners, especially when they don’t know how the springs work, the cause of the problem, or how to fix the issue. We recommend letting a professional garage door repair company handle any problems your springs have, but it’s possible for you to figure out what’s wrong on your own. These are some of the reasons your garage door springs may break.

Wear and Tear

Wear and tear is a probable cause for your garage door springs to start failing. Springs will often get through around 10,000 cycles before failing (a cycle includes your garage door going up and coming down once each). 10,000 cycles sounds like a lot, but these cycles can quickly add up when you consider how many times you might use your garage door every day. Many people’s doors go through at least two cycles every day, once getting the car out of the garage, and another time when getting it back inside. You could invest in springs that are rated for more cycles if you think you use your garage door frequently enough to get good use out of them.


If your garage door springs start developing rust, their life expectancy will get cut significantly. Rust results in more friction on your coils when they move. Also, rust corrodes your springs, which will weaken the coils, resulting in your door failing sooner.

Garage Door Springs Aren’t Properly Maintained

Garage door springs are eventually going to let you down, but if you take care of your springs, they will last you for much longer. On top of that, staying on top of maintenance means you’ll catch problems before they get too serious. When you neglect your garage door springs, disaster can happen without your knowledge. Some maintenance procedures you should follow include lubricating your springs and taking a look at your garage door balance at least once per season.

You can check the balance by pulling on the emergency release cord. After that, lift your door up halfway, then let it go. If your garage door springs are functional, your door will stay in place. If you see your door sagging, or it falls a little, it means your springs are getting worn down and will either have to get adjusted or replaced.

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